The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.

There is more to life than we see. After years of seeking truth in reason, I stepped away to explore what it means to be a spiritual man in a rational world. This is a place where I share that exploration through essays and stories. Each week you’ll receive lessons from the spiritual search.

What this space is about

Whose Mountain is an exploration of how we self-transcend our limits to experience meaning in our lives. Or at least, it’s an exploration of how I’m finding meaning in mine. I share those explorations with you, so that we can grow together.

In exploring, I’ve found four themes.

  • Finding the courage to expect more from life

  • Spirituality and self-transcendence

  • Understanding how others have lived and shared their wisdom

  • Creative explorations

Who I am:

I’m a storyteller at heart. I’m fascinated by the stories that change the way we live in the world. Great storytelling is the intersection of specific details and grand themes, which is the domains of scientific understanding and spirituality. I’m on a quest to understand how we can evolve storytelling in our search for deeper understanding.

Though I’ve always loved stories, my professional identity has refused to follow any specific arc. Instead, I’ve searched for self-development through my work. My path is as emergent as my curiosity, and I like it that way.

Some notable highlights include:

  • I was a Naval Aviator and Test pilot, flying E-2 Hawkeyes off aircraft carriers. I thought those jobs were the pinnacle of achievement until I got them.

  • I’ve scaled two startups as an early employee to IPO. I’ve tried on being the VP of Hardware Engineering, Head of Product, Chief of Staff, Head of Business Development, and Director of Sales Operations. I was a VC Operating Partner for a year where I led one investment.

  • I previously founded Uniquely, where our mission was to help neurodiverse children eat food as medicine. Unfortunately, we never found our market and I shut it down.

  • Every five years, I’ve moved my family to a new place, usually without a plan. We live in Bozeman, MT now, and it’s the first place that’s ever felt like home.

🔆 A few things to know about me that will help all this make sense 🔆

  • I’m an extroverted introvert. I love one-on-one conversations, but after a good one, I need to go home and be by myself with the lights off and the curtains closed, and everyone needs to leave me the F alone!

  • I’m wrong all the time. I try with every action or thought to be a little less wrong.

  • I’m an intense person. My wife says I only know how to go big or go home.

  • I can also be really chill. I’m comfortable in my skin for the first time ever.

  • I lead with my heart. If you haven’t seen me cry, you probably will.

  • I’m a walking contradiction. Life is too interesting to be labeled.

  • Check out my foundations page to understand how the hell I came to have such weird views.

☝️One Last Thing

If you’ve read this far, let’s connect. Send me an email, find me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn, or subscribe to this blog. Hell, do all of them. I’d love to get to know you, and it would be fun to chat.

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Stories exploring spiritual transformation after years of a rational past.


Latham Turner

The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen. Writer of Whose Mountain, stories exploring spiritual transformation from a rational past