You've talked about being a little hesitant to write about your experience of military life, but damn, this is SO good! And you do such a great job of highlighting human truths from the foundation of your rich personal experience. Your essay is a testimony to the value of penning our own mythology. I'm inspired, and am also slow to publish the most personal stuff. It's funny that we all hesitate to share our most compelling human selves when it's the most enriching thing we have to offer.

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This is a beautiful account of a change in world view. Also super curious to know more about this kairos mindset.

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I think you'd enjoy the song Liberty by Switchfoot. The whole analogy in the song is riffing off that Farragut moment and similar to the feelings you mentioned:

I tie myself up to the mast

and give up the semblance of control

the sirens sing but I let them pass

because only you can free my soul

Check it out. I think it'd resonate for you.

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