Dang, this is deep stuff. I don't know whether it's philosophy, great writing, or an inspiring public display of self-reflection (maybe all of those) but it definitely gives me food for thought. Your study and thinking seems to have resulted in having even the luminaries you mention want to see you succeed. You seem to have an unusual talent for self-help. I think it's your sincerity of inquiry that engenders all the incoming support. Part of me wants you to succeed, but not the kind of success that would bring you resolve, but the kind that leads to your ability to stay right where you are and sustain the creative tension that leads to more writing and reflection like this.

"Hiding the experience of the greyness in the lessons learned afterward. This feels right in the moment, as you offer your friends the lessons you have learned in hopes of shining a path for them. Please don’t do this, though. You’ll have created something which lacks the integrity of your lived experience. You’ll end up banal yet again.

Getting stuck in the dullness. For a certain type of reader, your exploration of the grey will resonate. In fact, it will make them feel less alone, as they recognize their own struggle. And while their resonance feels encouraging, it rarely lasts. You run the risk of getting stuck in a suffering identity. Unless you are careful, you may inadvertently impede your path back to the radiance of your inner joy."

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I could write an essay. Instead a sentence: may my resistance respond with such beauty and depth when I call. To echo Rick "Dang!"

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I read this when you shared it a few days ago, but I had so many thoughts and words swirling around I had to marinate in them a while before I knew how to respond. Well, a couple of days later, I still don't have the right words other than — I've seen those same gray clouds. That pesky Resistance is an old friend of mine, one that has been visiting for a few weeks now.

However, I've sat paralyzed, the fear of banality on one shoulder and the fear of getting stuck in the suffering identity on the other, their competing whispers filling my head and leaving me second-guessing everything. Only now do I realize the obvious — that *this* is where I'm supposed to be writing from. That's why I'm here.

And it's why you're there. Beauty is everywhere. Keep sharing, my friend. You're doing great things, for yourself and the world.

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