Hooray for play! And I'm very intrigued by the thought dabbling you do here skipping back and forth between the notion of sacredness and play. You mention in your article "I have yet to find a teacher who reliably helps me to that place." Perhaps your instinct to embrace play is the teacher you are looking for right now in your life. There are many stories and accounts written by spiritual students of great masters like "Miracle of Love" by Ram Dass about Neem Karoli Baba, or "Daughter of Fire" by Irina Tweedie of her time with her Sufi Master that open our eyes to the very non-linear dimension that a real teacher works within. With the strength of your longing for guidance, you may already have a Teacher who is actively working with you, just not on a linear visible level just yet. Who knows? Such a thing is not far-fetched in the domain of spiritual guidance. I'd recommend one of those books if you aren't opposed to an eastern spiritual perspective. As a friend, I hope you don't find a teacher who can reliably lead you anywhere. That's not a Teacher. A Teacher is going to make sure you lose your way so many times, and have to claw your way back to your own center so many times, that you can rely forever on your own guidance system.

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It is 4:52 am EST in July. I made lists, I read, there is gentle rain, there is gentle thunder, lightening, a solitary bird begins to sing for about 16 measures, some one in a car turns the corner, more birds begin songs - farther away.

Today I shall PLAY

Thank you

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